Interns Required

  • All interns have to undergo the regular interviews specified by the HR.
  • Only candidates whom the company feels can turn out to be a good resource in the future will be preferred.
  • Interns need to make their own arrangement for system. They can get laptop, internet will be provided by the company. Seating positions will be decided as per the company Admin.
  • Interns will be reporting to their respective Team Leads. Project guidance will be provided based on the availability of other employees. Interns shouldn't disturb company's ongoing projects unless asked to work on a particular tasks by the leads.
  • Have to adhere to all the guidelines of the company including attendance, breaks, discipline etc.
  • Company will provide evening refreshments to all.
  • No salary provided, only stipends will be given based on their performance, which will be calculated quarterly. This would be be purely optional for the company.


0 - 1 Years